My name is Kiara L’Herpiniere. I am a Behavioural Ecologist based at the University of Macquarie. I am a PhD candidate, with an MRes in Biology from Macquarie, an MSc in Conservation & Biodiversity from the University of Exeter and a BSc (Hons) in Forensic Sciences from Keele University.

My on-going commitment to perpetually better myself has given me a variety of skills in many different aspects of my life. I began as a Forensic Science enthusiast, but my newly found dislike for corpses led me to an entirely different route, learning to abseil down caves and teach foreign languages in the Middle East. I found passion in helping conservation scientist, and interacting with wildlife, all whilst practicing to speak Arabic and perfecting my yogi poses.

I pursued my interest in wildlife at the University of Exeter, Cornwall, as I had not seen any rain for over two years. It was here that my passion for Ornithology blossomed. I followed the stream of inspiration and ended up in the middle of the Australian Outback, working with the most unbelievable and oddly behaved bird with my fascinating supervisor and amazing partner.

To continue my journey I completed a Masters of Research in an entirely different but related topic with a lab I could only have wished to ever be part of. Now I get to pull all the strings together by doing a PhD until I am no longer in my 20’s.  I grew up on skis in the French alps,  am a qualified scuba diver. I speak English and French fluently and am a Level 3 Berlitz certified Arabic speaker. I went to a bunch of wonderful schools and have been in the most peculiar of situation. However above all this, being in the desert researching this species of wonderful bird is exactly where I am (somehow) suppose to be. 



This is not my study species, but an incredibly beautiful bird that I could not resist showing on here.